Tap 'n' Pop Classic: Balloon Group Remove App Reviews

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Great game

I enjoy playing this game.

Tap pop

Love this addictive game... Would like to see more balloon popping features!

Nice App

I certainly enjoy TapNPop. Thanks and great job.

New version

In previous versions, sometimes the overlay saying you had finished a level would remain after you pressed for a new level. Closing and reopening would fix this, so it wasnt a big deal. But now, the message remains even if you abandon the game and try to start over. This adds frustration to an otherwise fun game.


I keep coming back to play this game. H However I tire of it quickly and go on to something else.


I love this game. Wish there was an undo button. Seems to be harder than it was before. Never got past Level 15.

Fun or strategizing - you decide

Can be addicting ... But is definitely fun to play! New options for clearing rows or sets of balloons come along with updates from time to time to keep this game fun and to renew ones interest in it!! Youve been warned . . . now enjoy!!

One of my go tos

I play this game all the time. It would definitely be improved with an undo feature. Overall its one of my favorite games.


Still playing on my iPad original. Up until a day or so ago I was able to connect to Facebook for extra pins and rotates. No longer can. Bummer.

Wonderfully Addicting

Definitely needs an Undo button. Also-- please make a way to get past level 16 or so. Ive been playing for over a year and have yet to do it.

Addictive game

Love the new background! This is one of those games that I keep coming back to. Cant tell you how many times I would have used an undo button but that would feel like cheating! Good game for most ages.

Test of time

Play this a lot. Always fun and challenging. "staying power this app has"-yoda

Fun game!

This is a game I keep coming back to. Im happy with the updates. Keep them coming!

Very addicting game!!!!!!

Cant seem to put this game down. Very entertaining.

Fun fun fun

Addicting! Current update more challenging. Would be nice if could keep popping balloons after prizes acquired!


I love this game. I wish you got more pins though. It doesnt give you enough to play a really good game.

Great update

No beating the clock, just pure puzzle fun. Wish it had an "undo" feature.

Tap n pop

Great game. One thing to add would be include all the points when you take a color out

Best Game Ever

Love this game!!!! Just wish it had an undo button

Tap n Pop Classic

I love the new version. Dont change it.

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