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Excellent game

I bought the full version. I believe that this show much i lile this game.

Pop and tap

You need to but and undo button in this game would make it a little bit easier otherwise I love the game!!!!!!

Tommy gunn

Greatest thing since slice bread

Tapn go

Awesomely addictive!!!


Play this religiously although maybe a new colour or tool sometime would be sweet.

Completely Adictive

Great fun and makes time fly while standing in line or waiting for someone!

Good fun

Could use an undo function. You could earn undo chances just like the other bonuses you earn. The game should be more generous with bonuses and extra shakes, pins, and rotates.


I love this game, I have played a lot in the last months. I just cannot go more than level 18... Even playing a lot... Something wrong with the game or with me? And how many levels are in total?

Good game

Play it all the time

Tap & pop

Very addictive

The best game ever!!!



Very captivating and so much fun!!


Too hard to get past level 14. Should make it easier to get further in the game.

Waste of money

Is the full version any different than the lite? Thats four bucks Ill never see again. :(

Not bad

Pretty addictive but frustrating game.

Tap "n" pop

Its awesome so addicting!!!! When I start I cant stop playing I give it a 10 out of 10


I like the game but eventually it just gets boring playing then same thing over and over again.


Lite version better. As soon as I bought it could not get to higher levels. In lite I got to higher levels. Waste of money!

Great game

Love this addictive little game!! I always say "just until I finish this level", but I cant seem to put it down!!

Love it!

I love this game - really addictive! I would suggest another option be added, though. Id like to be able to "Undo last move" to help with those "Ooops" moments!

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